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Imagination Feat Errol Kennedy - You Can Be All You Want To Be (Jose Jimenez Remix)

You Can Be’ is a very catchy, current, quality track; exactly what we expect from top players in the music industry. Errol Kennedy, Imagination, along with co-writers Robbie Taylor, Mike Edmunds and Patrick Braithwaite, clearly understands where public thinking is levelled and what input people need to help them advance in today’s ‘you can be’ society. The best way to view ‘You Can Be,’ is as a great affirmation. It reminds us that the power to change our lives is in our hands and we are encouraged to take control of our destiny. ‘You’ve got the power deep in your soul and it’s starting to show,’ is a line that edges us closer to undertaking our personal journey. This line effectively takes you by the hand and edges you forward in a gentle yet positive motion.
‘You Can Be’ recognizes the challenges of modern living, subliminally picking up on the lack of structure and guidance in society which can cause unease- ‘ease your troubled mind.’ Today we are presented with so many negative scenarios- the difficulties of finding a job; buying your own property; financial worries on the heads of many students who leave university in the red thanks to student loans- the list goes on! ‘You Can Be All You Want To Be’ takes us beyond what we see, beyond our current reality and directs us to imagine the life we truly want. In this star struck world many people, young people in particular, believe they have the right to fame and fortune. We are born with that right, or at least, the right to a life which matches our natural talents and those individual talents are waiting to be exploited. If you don’t ‘wannabe a wannabe,’ and you ‘just gottabe a gottabe,’ then this is your song. ‘Let your spirit sing and let the magic in,’- one of life’s hidden truths beautifully revealed in this magical line. Happiness is the way ahead and happiness unlocks the door to all our desires, lighting up the path to our ideal future. When playing, ‘You Can Be,’ you will definitely be uplifted. This up-tempo, upbeat song is extremely catchy and quickly burrows into the subconscious, where it can plant its essential message to generate a sense of well being and the desire to explore life beyond its current boundaries. ‘You Can Be,’ is a song with the capability of uplifting anyone, and a song demanding to be shared. Above all it is a song that inspires change and sits alongside other modern day classics that have become part of a positive musical movement towards self motivation and achievement.
The 16 mix remix package features mixes from Sobel Nation's BoogieKnights, Jose Jimenez, Mike Bennett, LA Rush, and Rob Moore.
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