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Latest News about Release Tight Fit - Rain (Single)

It takes a lot of courage for a band that is known as a #1 charting 80's novelty act to put out their first original song 35 plus years after they started. Tight Fit is doing just that! On 4 April, being sent out to DJ's will be Tight Fit - Rain, featuring the vocals of Julie Harris. The outpouring of support has been astounding from artists, DJ's and the music community. Tight Fit shows that it is never too late to follow up on their dreams and the music community is going to help make their dreams a reality with a #1 single. Thanks for all the love shown to Rain and of course the remixers who are part of this journey of taking a novelty act and giving them a mainstream, original song hit, something we are experts at doing in Sobel Nation!

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